Can I get the same products I get through a fundraiser at The Store?

We do not offer the same products as those of our fundraising program. Our fundraising program has exclusive products and are designed to help support minor sports teams and associations achieve their goals.

Are you opening any other locations?

We have no future plans for additional locations. The Store is a destination, and its connection to our main operation and facilities is what allows you access to our exclusive products.

Are any of your steaks mechanically tenderized?


Are your prices cheaper than in retail stores?

Most of our products and pack sizes are not typical of something you could buy in a conventional grocery store. They are typically in wholesale format and priced accordingly.

How long are your steaks aged?

Aging is an absolutely critical step in the tenderness and eating quality of a great steak. We age all of our cuts a minimum of 35 days.

Can I cook steaks & fish from frozen?

We do not recommend doing so – for best results, and to get the desired doneness, cook from a fully thawed state.

Are any of your products on display at The Store?

None of the products are on display, but we are always happy to bring out and show you products of interest.

Is it safe to refreeze beef once it’s thawed?

We do not recommend this. It will degrade the quality of the meat and the eating experience.

Do you sell Fresh products or only frozen at The Store?

Currently we are selling only Frozen products.

Are you selling the same steaks & seafood that’s sold to restaurants?

Many of the same products we sell to our restaurant customers are indeed available at The Store.

Do you only take credit/debit card?

Yes. We also have a gift card for The Store.

Do you guarantee quality?

Most definitely.

What is the best way to thaw vacuum packed frozen steaks & fish?

Simply put the pack in your refrigerator a day in advance, or you can run it under cold running water for approximately 20 minutes. It is important to never thaw or defrost under hot water!

How long can I keep frozen steaks in my freezer?

Under a vacuum seal, your steaks and seafood will not get freezer burn or dehydrate. They can last for up to a year from the pack date in a freezer.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we take online orders for delivery within the GTA. A $0 delivery fee applies, or spend $0 for free delivery. We typically deliver within 1-3 days.

Do you have an email list? Do you email out specials?

You can sign up with an e-mail and stay in tune for the latest specials and offers.

Why are the boxes so big?

At The Store, we are selling the same products and pack sizes we sell to our restaurant customers. It is also the reason why we can offer them at a great value.


264 Garyray Dr. (follow the signs) Toronto, Ontario, M9L 1P1 1-800-387-1765 ext. 234


We only accept

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