Welcome to

The Store

a one-stop shop
for quality meat
and seafood.

Here, the passion and knowledge of operating through seven generations of Canadian family ownership is passed on to customers who expect nothing but the best. The Store has been long awaited. Since the closing of our historic butcher's shop in the St. Lawrence Market 50 years ago, The Store is the first Macgregors site to be open to the public.

Located just steps away from Macgregors Meat & Seafood Ltd. foodservice state-of-the-art processing facilities, it means the only trip your meat or seafood takes is home with you!


Macgregors proudly extends its licence to process and sell Certified Angus Beef® directly to The Store.

Macgregors is Canada's only private, independently owned, licensed processor of Certified Angus Beef® and was Canada's first purveyor to be licensed by Certified Angus Beef®.


All Certified Angus Beef® must adhere to stringent quality standards to ensure it is perfectly marbled, incredibly juicy, amazingly tender and packed with flavor. Only the best cattle make the cut, because only the best can be called the Certified Angus Beef®