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The Store is your one-stop shop for everything Macgregors. Bringing you closer to where your food comes from and to the people who are passionate and knowledgeable about Macgregors’ quality products. Our store is right beside our processing facility because we are proud of how we process our meats, and we want to show that off.
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On the go? Pre-order and reserve products before you come into the store. We will have them ready and waiting!

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I found great solutions for entertaining during the holiday season – thank you!

Jenny W

I came for steaks but was surprised to leave with some great seafood too!

Tamara D

Incredible staff. Super knowledgeable, friendly, and tremendously helpful!

Andrew J

I was excited to learn that Macgregors had finally opened up a retail location!

Tony L

Between the quality of the meat and the fantastic service, I don’t think I’ll be buying my steak anywhere else!


A lot of my friends are “foodies”, so when they are coming over for dinner I always head to The Store first. They won’t stop asking me who my amazing secret butcher is! Best steaks ever!

Jennifer H

The staff here is great! They know their products well and always have a good recommendation for something I haven’t tried yet.


I’ve been coming by The Store every few months to stock up the freezer. My family loves these products, I can’t seem to keep them in the house!